Current Status

Sooda has been successfully used in production systems since 2003 and the core of the system is very stable. The command line tools that accompany it are mostly mature, but some newer utilities (such as Sooda Configuration Wizard) may still need work before they can be declared production quality code.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 are the most tested RDBMs. Other databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) are known to work with Sooda, but since they are not primary development environments, you may run into some bugs. Contributors that would like to maintain support for these databases are welcome to join the project.

Sooda has been originally written by Jaroslaw Kowalski. As of October 2006 he is not part of the project any more. Support for Sooda is available through the mailing list.

The following persons are responsible for the development and support of Sooda:

More information about Sooda support is available here.